Fluffy Tofu au Gratin with Canned Mackerel

Fluffy Tofu au Gratin with Canned Mackerel

Apparently, canned mackerel is great for diets.
Instead of using white sauce, I used a tofu sauce for this healthy and fluffy gratin.

Ingredients: 1 plate

Canned mackerel
2 sticks
Shimeji mushrooms
1/4 pack
Onion (sliced)
Tofu Sauce
1/2 block (150 g)
Egg (beaten)
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
a small amount


1. Make the tofu sauce. Beat the egg into a bowl and stir in the mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Add the tofu and crumble as you mix it in.
2. Scrape off the hard parts of the asparagus skin and cut into 4 cm pieces. Remove the root from the shimeji mushrooms and shred. Thinly slice the onion.
3. Break up the canned mackerel a bit and place in a casserole dish with the sauce from the tin as well.
4. Top with the asparagus, shimeji mushrooms, and onion from Step 2.
5. Pour over the tofu sauce from Step 1 and bake in a 230°C oven, or in the toaster oven for 15-20 minutes.
6. For a yamaimo yam version, see Recipe ID: 2417461.

Story Behind this Recipe

I heard that canned mackerel has good properties for dieting, so I wanted to make something healthy and with a lot of volume. So I made this tofu gratin.