Shaun the Sheep Bento

Shaun the Sheep Bento

You can make this 3D rice ball character bento even on a busy morning.


Hot cooked white rice
About 1 rice bowl's worth
to taste
Nori seaweed
to taste
Sliced cheese (non-melting type)
as needed
Thinly sliced white kamaboko instead of cheese during summer
as needed


1. Prepare something to cut out a 1 cm circles such as a cookie mold, straw or a plastic wrap. (Juice box straws or straws from a dollar store are fine.)
2. Season the rice with salt and make a rice ball to be the main part. Make a smaller rice ball for face and 2 small ones for ears by wrapping the rice with plastic wrap.
3. Cut the nori seaweed into the size to wrap the rice balls for face and ears. Wrap each of them with plastic wrap and set it aside until the nori is set.
4. In a bento box, place the main part then add the parts for the face and ears. Add some white rice to make the wool on top of the head.
5. Pack other items into the bento box while waiting for the rice to cool down.
6. Once the rice is cool, cut the cheese into 1 cm circles and cut out the eyes using a thin straw. Place them onto the face.
7. It looks cute if you make it in a smaller size, I took a shortcut and used black beans for the ears the day this photo was taken.

Story Behind this Recipe

My children love character Shaun the sheep. I wanted to make an easy character bento box for them.