Pokemon Fennekin 3D Rice Ball Charaben

Pokemon Fennekin 3D Rice Ball Charaben

This is a bento for kindergarten. I have used simple ingredients, easy steps, and added lots of pictures to make it easy to follow.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
Yellow furikake rice sprinkles
Imitation crab sticks
2 sticks
Toasted nori seaweed (8-sheet pack)
1 sheet
Sliced cheese
1/6 slice
a small amount
a small amount


1. Divide the rice into two portions; one portion bigger than the other. Mix yellow furikake rice sprinkles into the bigger portion. You can also substitute the furikake with boiled egg yolk.
2. Make 6 rice balls as seen in the picture. One round rice ball using white and yellow rice, 2 yellow rice balls and 3 small white rice balls.
3. First, arrange the white and yellow rice ball in the middle. Then pinch the two yellow rice balls into pointy shapes for the ears and place in the bento.
4. Attach the white rice balls as the nose and for the hair parts on both sides of the cheek.
5. Make the pieces for the face. Use the seaweed paper for black, imitation crab for the red, and sliced cheese or the white part of the imitation crab for white.
6. Begin placing the parts together. Attach the pieces by spreading a thin layer of mayonnaise on the back of the pieces.
7. For the delicate pieces, it's easy if you use a bamboo skewer. You can make fine adjustments with it.
8. I used the white part of the imitation crab for the sparkle in his eyes and the teeth. As a finishing touch, use a bamboo skewer to place ketchup for blush. Then you're finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

The fire fox Pokemon, Fennekin, used for my younger son's recent Pokemon adventure. I received a happy smile along with an empty bento box this time around too. I made this as a bento for kindergarten. This is an original recipe.