Microwave-steamed Manila Clams and Cabbage

Microwave-steamed Manila Clams and Cabbage

Once you put all the ingredients in a dish, the microwave will do rest of the work. The cabbage absorbs the umami seasonings and is really delicious. Also, you can cook this dish in a tajine pot or silicone steamer.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Manila clams
200 g
1-4 leaves
2 slices
White wine (or sake)
1 tablespoon
10 g


1. Get rid of any sand in the clams. Rinse the cabbage and tear into pieces. (Larger pieces are best). Cut the bacon into 2 cm slices.
2. Lay the cabbage and bacon on a large heat proof dish. Place the clams on top and pour white wine over them. Tear the butter and sprinkle on the dish.
3. Loosely cover with plastic film and cook in the microwave (for about 6-7 minutes at 700 W). Once the clams open, flip over, and they're done. Sprinkle on ground pepper if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

Cooking in a microwave is easy. This is a simple recipe which I cook in spring when cabbage is in season. The highlight of this dish is the cabbage, but the broth tastes great too.