Chikuwa Fries Stuffed with Potato Salad

Chikuwa Fries Stuffed with Potato Salad

I decided to transform last night's potato salad... into a side dish for bento the next day!


Potato Salad
You can use leftovers or freshly bought potato salad
As much as you like
White flour
proportionate to the amount of chikuwa
Cold water
as needed
for extra flavor, if desired


1. Cut the chikuwa open.
2. Pack in the potato salad.
3. Cut into easy-to-eat portions.
4. Make the batter with flour, egg, and cold water, and fry these. Make sure to coat these a bit thicker than normal tempura! Mix in your favorite seasoning such as aonori seaweed or curry powder roux!
5. They are done once they turn crispy! The potato salad is already flavored so it tastes great as-is, but if it is not enough for your family, then eat it together with an Aurora-type sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

I often see this at side-dish specialty shops so I imitated it!