Temari Sushi-Style Rolled Sushi

Temari Sushi-Style Rolled Sushi

Rolling temaki sushi one by one gets rather painstaking, so I decided to try topping rolled sushi with various ingredients!

Ingredients: 1 roll (6 pieces)

Nori seaweed
3/4 of a whole sheet (refer to instructions)
Sushi rice
150 g
Fillings of your choice:
to taste


1. Make the base rolled sushi.
2. Cut off the top 1/4 of the nori sheet. Use the remaining 3/4. Put just the rice on top, then roll it up. Cut into 6 pieces.
3. Arrange with the cross section facing up. Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy!
4. Topping 1: Tuna + sweet shrimp + wasabi
5. Topping 2: Crab stick + mayonnaise + radish sprouts
6. Topping 3: Kinshi tamago + mayonnaise + sweet pickled carrots + edamame + radish sprouts
7. Topping 4: Salmon + shiso leaves + wasabi
8. Topping 5: Avocado + white sesame seeds + sesame oil
9. Topping 6: Squid + wasabi + cucumber
10. Topping 7: Fatty tuna + wasabi + radish sprouts
11. Topping 8: sashimi grade tuna + wasabi
12. Topping 9: Albacore tuna + wasabi
13. If you buy a platter of sashimi, it's real easy to make various beautiful kinds of sushi!
14. For the pieces that need wasabi, put the wasabi on when preparing. Then, when it's time to eat, all you'll have to do is use the soy sauce!
15. When cutting the rolled sushi, wipe your knife on a damp towel or paper towel to clean off the rice between cuts so that your cuts are clean.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was thinking about making temari sushi, but to wrap up each of them one at a time is a bit of a pain. I wanted to be able to make all the base parts at once, so I thought up this recipe.