Easy Kumamon Character Bento

Easy Kumamon Character Bento

The parts are big and easy to balance so I recommend this for beginners.


Plain cooked rice
As needed
Sliced cheese
1 slice
Nori seaweed
As needed
Red wiener, imitation crab stick, etc.
1 stick


1. Season the face and ear parts made from rice using whatever ingredients or furikake that you prefer. Shape the rice and wrap in nori seaweed. Cover with cling film and press the rice and seaweed together.
2. Cut notches into the nori seaweed so that it fits. Cut lightly with a knife so that even a small child can bite, like in the photo.
3. Here are the pieces for the face.
4. For the facial features made from sliced cheese, I used the yellow cutter for the eyes and ears and the green cutter for the nose.
5. Cut a little bit of the edges of the ears off. You can skip this step if you need to.
6. To make the eyebrows use the circle that was cut from the cheese in Step 4. Use the cutter to cut slightly above the circle and it's easy.
7. To make the cheeks, I used the same cutter that I used for the eyes to cut into the skin of the red wiener.
8. Once you place it into the bento and add the face, you're finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

Lately Kumamon has become a popular mascot character and you can see many commercial goods popping up everywhere. This was a request from my son.