Mexican Breakfast

Mexican Breakfast

My memento of my holiday in Arizona was a modification of a Huevos Rancheros recipe. Enjoy this coated in oozing egg yolk.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Sliced bread
2 slices
Chili con carne (Recipe ID: 211357)
approx. 250 g
Grated mozzarella cheese
2-3 tablespoons


1. Crack the egg into an oiled frying pan, top the egg white with cheese, and cook. It looks better if you don't top the egg yolk with cheese.
2. At the same time, heat the chili con carne in the microwave, and toast the bread on the crispy side.
3. Top the toast with chili con carne and then the fried egg. Season with salt and pepper.
4. This is the one I had at the hotel. Scrambled eggs on top of tortilla and topped with avocado.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got the idea from a hotel breakfast I had in Sedona.