Easy Horse Mackerel Escabeche In Nanban Sauce

Easy Horse Mackerel Escabeche In Nanban Sauce

This dish is very easy to make.
Use any fish such as pacific saury instead of horse mackerel.


Horse mackerel
about 15
1 thumb
Green peppers
200 ml
160 ml
Soy sauce
100 ml
Plain flour (for deep-frying the fish)
as required


1. Prepare the fish (gut and remove the scales). Clean the cavity well with running water.
2. Slice the onion. Julienne the carrot, green pepper and ginger.
3. Place the seasoning ingredients and Step 2 vegetables except the green peppers in a pot. Place the pot over a low heat. Do not boil at this point!
4. Once Step 2 vegetables are tender, add the green peppers. Continue to cook for a little while and turn off the heat.
5. Pat dry the horse mackerel with kitchen paper. Coat with flour evenly.
6. Deep-fry the horse mackerel in the oil (about medium temperature) slowly. Do not overcook, otherwise the fish flesh will be tough. By deep-frying the fish slowly, you can even eat the bones easily.
7. Drain off the oil and marinate in Step 4 while it is hot. Arrange the fish without any gaps as shown in this photo. Pour the sauce and vegetables on top (in that order).
8. Chill in the fridge for at least half a day. The bones will soften and you can eat the whole fish.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband loves this dish. It takes time and a little effort to make this, but it's delicious. This is my own way so there might be faults. My husband finishes this really quickly.