Apple Ginger Honey Toast

Apple Ginger Honey Toast

Apples, ginger, and honey make the perfect combination. Just cut and mix and you'll easily have a dessert toast.


About 1/6
About 1 teaspoon
Ginger (ground)
About 1 teaspoon
Butter or margarine
as needed
as desired
Bread of your choice
1 slice


1. Chop up the apples to your desired size (I cut them into 1 cm cubes) and mix with honey and ginger. Mix and mix~ If there's a little moisture from the apple, it's still good!
2. Spread butter on the bread and then cover with apple pieces. Toast in an toaster oven and then top with cinnamon to taste.
3. This time, I used ground ginger. You could also use ginger paste from a tube.

Story Behind this Recipe

Actually, I had planned to make apple ginger jam, but I started to get hungry, so I got sidetracked.