Shaun the Sheep Character Bento

Shaun the Sheep Character Bento

My child's favorite character "Shaun the Sheep" themed bento is easy and cute!!

Ingredients: 2 Shauns

Rice balls
2 rice balls worth of cooked rice, plus a small amount of cooked rice
Nori seaweed
about 5 x 10 cm
as needed


1. Make 2 bento sized rice balls. Add your choice of filling. Set aside a small amount of rice.
2. Cut the nori into Shaun's face with scissors, and for the pupils, use a hole puncher to punch them out or cut them out freehand.
3. For the eyeballs, use the tip of a straw to punch out the cheese .
4. Attach the facial features to the rice ball, place the remaining rice as the fluffy wool on the forehead and there you have Shaun!

Story Behind this Recipe

Right now, my child is obsessed with "Shaun the Sheep". I had a request for a school field trip "Shaun the Sheep" bento, so I gave it a try and my child was so excited.