Tricolor Berry Bavarois-Style Cake

Tricolor Berry Bavarois-Style Cake

This is simple to make. It only costs about 500 yen to make three servings. It's also nice and portable. This cake also has half the calories of a regular bavarois cake. It's great for sudden celebrations.


Frozen strawberries
500 g
Heavy cream
1 pack (200 ml)
1/2 pack (200-250 ml)
About 1 package (adjust as needed)
Sugar or aspartame
Adjust to suit your taste
Mixed berries for decoration (frozen)
as desired


1. This cake is made with just 3 basic ingredients: stewed strawberries, yogurt, and heavy cream. Don't stew the strawberries you will be using for decoration. Set them aside to thaw naturally.
2. Place the stewed strawberries into a blender, and purée. (It may be very viscous, so use a spoon to scoop it out.)
3. Lightly whip the heavy cream (until it is about the same consistency as the yogurt or a bit thicker).
4. Make 3 separate mixtures. Leave one as-is (white), and make a light and dark pink mixture using the strawberry paste to adjust the color.
5. Divide the gelatin among each color. Add water each time, microwave, then stir. First, dissolve it into the white mixture.
6. Grease a dish with a liberal amount of oil (vegetable oil or butter). Then, add the white mixture and place it in the freezer.
7. Add the light pink mixture once the white has solidified. Place once again into the freezer to solidify. Then add the darkest pink mixture.
8. This is how it should look. Run a knife between the edge of the bavarois cake and the container to let in air, and it should come out cleanly.
9. Flip the bavarois onto a plate, then top as you like. It is done.
10. Here, I topped it with strawberry sauce, frozen strawberries, and mixed berries. Brush on the gelatin if you don't like a frozen texture; that way it will turn out just like the store-bought type.
11. Recycling by using up leftovers. Scoop up the stewed strawberry base into a bowl, load it up with lots of heavy cream, and top with the leftover frozen mixed berries.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat stewed strawberries. My friend had something to celebrate, so I made this cake.
I made it since the 100 yen shop near my house sells heavy cream and yogurt. Heavy cream has half the calories, and yogurt is good for the gut. I omitted the egg, but also it tastes good adding an egg.