Matcha and Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Christmas Trees

Matcha and Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Christmas Trees

It's simple and just uses store-bought ingredients and cheap sweet potatoes.

Ingredients: 4

Matcha cream (with a sweet potato an):
Sweet potato
150 g
4 tablespoons
Sugar (optional)
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
Base and Decoration:
Cookies or biscuits
Sponge cake (castella, steamed bread, etc.)
as needed
Heavy cream
50 ml
1 teaspoon
Silver dragées
Powdered sugar
As needed


1. Remove the skin from the sweet potato and soak for a short time in water. Boil until softened and then smash.
2. Mix in the milk, sugar, and matcha. Add the milk gradually so that you can adjust the texture.
3. Strain to make it smooth. It's a lot of work, but if you don't, it will clog up in the piping nozzle.
4. If the strained potatoes are too thick and hard, add milk until it becomes loose enough to pipe easily.
5. Make a sturdy whipped cream with heavy cream and sugar. Cut the sponge cake into tree shapes (square pyramids) and place on a biscuit.
6. Pipe the whipped cream over the cake, and then pipe the matcha cream over the whipped cream with a mont blanc piping tip.
7. Make them so they look like trees.
8. Decorate with silver dragees and powdered sugar, and then they're done.
9. Here's the cross-section.
10. You can also make wreaths by using store-bought donuts. Recipe ID: 2215654

Story Behind this Recipe

The Mont Blanc season is almost over, but I finally bought Mont Blanc nozzles! I saw these cute cakes in the cake shop and bought sweet potatoes from the market and copied their presentation in an easy way.