How to Half-Cook an Egg for Oyakodon or Katsudon

How to Half-Cook an Egg for Oyakodon or Katsudon

The half-cookeed eggs on oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl) and katsudon (deep-fried pork cutlets over rice) is so creamy and fluffy.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Oyakodon or Katsudon ingredients
1 serving


1. Oyakodon and Katsudon are delicious because of the half-cooked egg right?! Today I'll teach you the secret to making it!
2. Refer to Recipe ID: 2425109 for the golden ratio sauce.
3. I'm going to make Oyakodon. Once it has been flavored, lower the heat.
4. Point 1: When you break the egg...
5. Don't mix it! Just break the yolk!
6. Point 2: When you pour the egg into the frying pan, do it in two turns! First just pour in half of the egg.
7. Once it has settled, cover with a lid. Bubble nubble...
8. It's ready after just a minute.
9. Now, pour in the remaining half of the egg.
10. Turn the heat to high! Cover with a lid and cook until it has cooked to how you want it!
11. Got it? It's so fluffy and creamy!
12. Boom! Enjoy! You can totally see the difference!

Story Behind this Recipe

I always do it this way.