Easy Low-Cale Sweet and Savory Chicken Tenders

Easy Low-Cale Sweet and Savory Chicken Tenders

This is low in calories yet full of flavor, and tastes good even when cold. Turn inexpensive chicken tenders into a plump and juicy dish.


Chicken tenders
6 pieces
★Soy sauce, sake
1/2 tablespoon each
※ Soy sauce, mirin, sugar, sake
1 tablespoon each
Sesame seeds
to taste
as needed


1. Remove the sinew from the chicken tenders, and slice diagonally into easy to eat pieces. Season the chicken with the ★ ingredients. Combine the ※ ingredients.
2. Pat the chicken tenders dry with paper towels, and coat well with katakuriko. If you just dust it lightly the chicken pieces will get stuck together and roll up into a ball, and be hard to handle later.
3. Put a little oil in a non-stick frying pan, and put the chicken pieces in the pan in a single layer, trying not to overlap them. Cook on one side slowly over low heat. Take the chicken out of the pan and set aside.
4. Put the combined ※ ingredients into the same frying pan and heat. Return the chicken to the pan and coat with the sauce.
5. When there's little moisture left in the pan and the sauce has thickened, sprinkle in the sesame seeds and turn off the heat.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this with the things I had on hand to prepare dinner for my son, who tends to eat unbalanced meals.