Totoro Character Bento

Totoro Character Bento

This is an easy way to make Totoro and soot sprites.

Ingredients: 1 serving

White rice
2/3 rice bowl
Purple decofuri rice seasoning (or yukari furikake)
1/2 package
Nori seaweed
to taste
Sliced cheese
1/2 slice
Sakura denbu
to taste
Toothpick, plastic wrap
as needed


1. Mix white rice with the purple decofuri rice seasoning. Leave some white rice uncolored.
2. Wrap some purple rice in plastic wrap to form an oval shape for the body.
3. Use the remaining purple rice to form the ears. For the stomach, use some white rice from Step 1. Use nori seaweed and cheese to make the facial parts and stomach pattern.
4. To make the soot sprites, form a round shape using the remaining white rice from Step 1 and wrap with the nori seaweed. Use the sliced cheese and nori seaweed for the face.
5. Secure Totoro's ears using toothpicks. Stick the soot sprites together on a toothpick. Arrange them in a bento box and you're done. I used sakura denbu to make Totoro's cheeks.

Story Behind this Recipe

I prepared this for my husband's bento lunchbox.