Easy Homemade Naan Bread (Plain or with Basil)

Easy Homemade Naan Bread (Plain or with Basil)

This naan is cooked in a frying pan. Plain naan goes well with curry, and the basil version goes well with pasta. You can also spread them with maple syrup or olive oil.

Ingredients: 5 palm-sized pieces

Cake flour
1/2 cup (100 ml)
Bread (strong) flour
1 cup (200 ml)
Dry yeast
1 teaspoon (3 g)
1 tablespoon
1/3 teaspoon
Milk (body temperature)
50 ml
Lukewarm water (body temperature)
50 ml
Oil (use olive oil for the basil version)
2 tablespoons
Dried basil (for the basil version only)
1 teaspoon


1. Put the cake and both flours in a large bowl and mix well. Shift the flour to one side, and make a hole in the middle with your finger.
2. Put the dry yeast and sugar in the empty part of the bowl, and put the salt in the hole in the flour. This is to prevent the yeast and salt from touching each other.
3. Add the warmed up milk and water plus oil (or olive oil), aiming for the area where the dry yeast is, little by little while mixing the flour in (mix the part with the salt in last).
4. Mix it all together, and then knead for 15 to 20 minutes. Add the basil at this stage if you're making the basil version.
5. When the dough is smooth, round it off, cover with plastic wrap, and leave to rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. If it's cold, put the bowl in a 40°C water bath.
6. When the dough has risen to about 1.5 times its original size, deflate it, and punch it down.
7. Divide into as many portions as you like. I divided it into 5 pieces this time; each piece is about the size of my palm.
8. Press the dough out into a teardrop shape (or any shape you like), and line it up in an non-oiled frying pan. If all the pieces won't fit in at once, keep the reserved dough covered and warm.
9. Cover loosely with aluminum foil, and cook over low heat until it's as browned as you like. Cook the other side in the same way and it's done. It takes about 2 minutes per side.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat some naan, I adapted a recipe I'd written down from somwhere some time ago, to make a soft and light version that was to my taste, to get to this recipe.