Foolproof Shallow-Fried Fried Eggs

Foolproof Shallow-Fried Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are so basic that it's difficult to ask anyone how to make them...but don't worry! This method will replace that basic fried egg!!

Ingredients: 1 egg



1. The inside of an egg consists of three basic parts: an egg yolk, the thick gel-like egg white, and the liquid egg white. If you understand these 3 parts, you won't fail!
2. Basic Point 1: Use a small dish to discard only the liquid egg white part. Good bye!
3. Basic Point 2: Heat the oil over low heat! As best as you can, "place" the egg on the frying pan from a very close distance. This will create a fluffy egg yolk.
4. 3-Second Rule: This is the point to making a beautiful fried egg! Move the egg yolk to the center of the egg white within 3 seconds after placing the egg in the pan. Don't hesitate, since it's not hot yet.
5. Basic Point 3: Cook for 3 minutes uncovered over low heat.
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Story Behind this Recipe

At the time, I thought that I couldn't ask anyone how to make fried eggs. But I gathered up my courage and learned this method from my friend who's a professional chef.