Apple Jam

Apple Jam

This apple jam is sugar-free.

Ingredients: 1 apple

a pinch
1/2 tablespoon plus


1. Peel the apple and cut into about 1 cm slices or cubes.
2. Depending on the brand of apple, the season, and if you want a smoother jam, chopping the fruit into smaller pieces will make it easier to cook and mash.
3. Also, soaking the cut apple in saltwater for 5-10 minutes will help soften it.
4. Place the apple, salt, and water into a pot. Cover with a lid and simmer on low heat.
5. Once the apples become transparent, lightly stir it as it simmers to prevent burning. If you want a smooth jam, mash the apples as you stir.
6. Once the liquid has evaporated, it's done. I used Jonathan Gold apples this time.
7. This is the version using Orin apples I mostly use either Orin or Jonathan Gol apples.
8. If you make a chunky jam and top with cinnamon sugar, it turns into a dessert. This was made with Jonathan apples! They're higher in acidity, but the jam came out delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use this for a dinner dish, so I made jam without sugar!! It's quite sweet and tart.