BBQ Pork and Rice Rolls

BBQ Pork and Rice Rolls

By preparing it on a BBQ, it's easy to cook and eat!!!


Hot cooked white rice
use as much as you like
Yakiniku sauce (store-bought)
to taste
as needed
Disposable chopsticks
as many as you'd like to make
Shabu shabu pork
belly or loin
Shiso leaves
as desired


1. Add as much yakiniku sauce to the rice as you'd like (if it gets sticky, add some katakuriko; it will hold everything together.)
2. Spread out a sheet of plastic wrap and top with the rice from Step 1. Press it out into a thin layer. (Press it out with the side of a rice spatula.)
3. Wrap the rice around the chopsticks, then wrap with shiso leaves to taste. (The picture shows no shiso on the bottom, 1 leaf on the middle, and 2 leaves on the top.)
4. Spread the pork out on the plastic wrap, overlapping a little between the layers, and roll up the rice rolls from Step 3.
5. Ready!
6. Cook while rolling around on a grill. (It's also great to cook while brushing yakiniku sauce over the surface!)

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend taught me some recipes during a BBQ.
This is a BBQ version of super yummy pork and rice rolls.