Taro Root Hittsumi Dough

Taro Root Hittsumi Dough

Hittsumi dough is the traditional dough from Southern Tohoku region where it is used in various dishes by tearing it into dumplings or using it to wrap other ingredients. I came up with the idea of use taro in it.

Ingredients: about 200 g of dough

Taro root
80 g
Bread (strong) flour
100 g
a pinch


1. Peel the taro root. Cut it into an appropriate size, and boil.
2. When the taro root of Step 1 is soft, mash it in a sieve.
3. Knead the flour and the mashed taro root of Step 2 together in a bowl.
4. Wrap the dough of Step 3 and let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes.
5. Please refer to "Sesame Leaf Sauce Taro Roots Hittsumi Gnocchi" Recipe ID: 2387708 for a recipe using this dough.

Story Behind this Recipe

A multipurpose dough with the full advantage of stickiness and tenderness of the taro root. It can be used to make the soup dishes, the fried dishes and can be used also like a pizza with different toppings on it. It goes well with many kinds of Japanese, western and Chinese dishes. It can be stored for 3 days in the fridge.