Natto & Thick Wakame Rice Bowl

Natto & Thick Wakame Rice Bowl

Just mix the natto and thick wakame and top it over rice!!
It's delicious, so definitely give it a chance.

Ingredients: 1-2 servings

1 pack
☆Thick wakame (flavored is OK)
about 50 g
☆Natto sauce (sauce included with the natto)
1-2 packets
Japanese mustard (included in the natto package) (optional)
1-2 packets
Yuzu pepper paste (to taste)
as desired
Warm rice
as needed


1. Combine all of the ☆ ingredients.
2. And just top it over freshly cooked rice.
3. If you like, mix in Japanese mustard or yuzu pepper paste before serving.
4. This is a version with yuzu pepper (split natto, flavored thick wakame, and yuzu pepper).
5. Also check out this cold tofu recipe with green onions and yuzu pepper. This is also delicious (Recipe ID: 2388712).

Story Behind this Recipe

I love natto, so I tried mixing it with thick wakame and topping it over rice...
It was delicious.
This is how we've been eating natto in our family for quite some time now!