Easy! Mickey Mouse Character Bento

Easy! Mickey Mouse Character Bento

This doesn't use any character bento tools! You can easily make Mickey Mouse with plastic wrap and toothpicksー

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked white rice
Enough to fill your bento box
Nori seaweed
as needed
Sliced cheese
Approximately 2 cm cube
Imitation crab sticks
Approximately 2 sticks
to taste
Plastic wrap, toothpicks
as needed


1. Wrap the warm rice in plastic wrap, and make three round onigiri!
2. Cut the nori seaweed, and wrap it around and cover the onigiri. Cutting notches in the nori seaweed will help it fold around to the back.
3. Wrap gently in plastic wrap, so that the nori seaweed molds itself onto the onigiri.
4. Peel off just the red part of the imitation crab sticks, and spread on a little bit of mayonnaise. Use this to cover half of the onigiri that will be used for the face.
5. Using a toothpick, cut out Mickey's buttons out of sliced cheese.
6. Arrange inside the bento box!
7. Fill rice into the areas around Mickey! Cut the remaining cheese into your desired shapes, and you're done.
8. I've served it with other bento recipes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love cooking, so while I was pregnant and had spare time, I wanted to take time to cook the next day's bento for my husband the night beforehand.