Sweet Potato with Apple Kinton

Sweet Potato with Apple Kinton

Only 4 ingredients! Or just 3! This is a refreshing sweet potato dessert. It's great as a snack for kids or baby food too!


Sweet potato
150 g
60 g (1/4 of an apple)
1 teaspoon (to taste)
Lemon juice (optional)
A small amount


1. Chop the sweet potato into rounds and boil for about 5 minutes. Let cool in the pot.
2. Grate the apple, then add the sugar and lemon juice, and heat.
3. Remove the peels from the sweet potato slices and mash with the back of a fork.
4. Mix the sweet potato and apple. Give it a taste, then add honey or cinnamon to taste.
5. While it tastes delicious as it is, this time, I passed the mixture through a strainer.
6. Use plastic wrap to form balls and place in small muffin cups. Done! Because they're soft, eat them with a spoon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got a lot of sweet potatoes from my child's kindergarten! This is a refreshing snack that you can easy a lot of! So, I figured I'd add apple to it.