Ponzu Sauce for Steamed Buns ♥

Ponzu Sauce for Steamed Buns ♥

You might think it is too obvious to post, but give it a try (#^.^#)

Ingredients: 1 serving

Steamed bun (your choice of filling)
Ponzu, or a combination of soy sauce and vinegar
1 tablespoon (or to your liking)
Japanese mustard
to taste


1. Pour the sauce over piping hot buns (or dip in the sauce) and enjoy ^^
2. You can also fry fresh buns in a bit of oil to make "Fried Pork Buns" ♥

Story Behind this Recipe

My home is in Hakata, Kyushu (southern Japan). The steamed buns sold at convenience stores there come with a vinegar soy sauce and Japanese mustard.
When I moved to the Kanto area and found that steamed buns aren't eaten this way, I was very surprised. That is why I want to share this recipe with you. (^^)