Stir Fried Bean Sprouts & Iri-Dofu Scrambled Tofu

Stir Fried Bean Sprouts & Iri-Dofu Scrambled Tofu

This is something to dine on when you're on a diet. A serving is enough to fill you up! I think this is more delicious than a regular side dish.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Firm tofu
1 block
Bean sprouts
1/2 pack
Non-oil tuna
1 can
to taste
Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Add the tofu into a frying pan and stir fry until it starts to crumble.
2. Gradually add in the bean sprouts and the tuna and stir fry.
3. Season with salt and pepper, add ketchup to Step 2, and it's ready!

Story Behind this Recipe

As of March, I succeeded with my diet to lose 8kg. This is something that I ate on my diet and I decided to share it.
Non-oil tuna has a stronger flavor. I ended up making something that's not super appetizing but delicious!