68 Calorie Tofu Dumplings

68 Calorie Tofu Dumplings

With brown sugar syrup, ginger-honey jam and tsubu-an sweet adzuki bean paste, you can enjoy the dumplings as a dessert. You can also put them in a clear Japanese-style soup.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Firm tofu
20 g
12 g
3 g
0.1 g


1. Mix the tofu and shiratamako together.
2. Add katakuriko and salt to the mixture in Step 1 and knead well until it's about the same consistency as your earlobes.
3. Form into (smallish) bite-sized round dumplings with your palms, and cook in plenty of boiling water. Take out the dumplings and cool in cold water.
4. These are the cooled tofu dumplings.
5. The dumplings are great in clear soup.
6. Here they are with brown sugar syrup, ginger honey jam and tsubu-an mashed sweet red bean paste.

Story Behind this Recipe

The children told me they had this at school, so I tried making it.