Kabocha Pudding Tart

Kabocha Pudding Tart

I combined rich pumpkin pudding with a crispy tart crust. The tart crust combined with the sweet pudding is superb.

Ingredients: 19 cm tart

Kabocha squash
120 g (net weight)
Heavy cream
120 ml
90 ml
Granulated sugar
12 g
Condensed milk
30 g
5 g
2 tablespoons
Vanilla extract
as needed
Basic Pâte Sucrée Recipe ID: 2365106


1. Referring to the basic pâte sucrée recipe, make the tart crust and blind bake.
2. Remove the guts and seeds from the kabocha, wrap in plastic wrap, and microwave at 500 W for 3.5 minutes.
3. Place the microwaved kabocha into a food processor and blend until smooth.
4. Place the mashed pumpkin squash, heavy cream, milk, and granulated sugar into a pot, and over a heat mix the ingredients with a spatula so that they become mashed together
5. Turn off the heat right after it starts to boil, and add in the condensed milk add vanilla essence.
6. Microwave the gelatin soaked in water for 20 seconds, add to Step 5, and mix well.
7. Pass it through a strainer, pour into the tart crust, and let chill in the fridge for more than 3 hours.
8. It's done.Top it with heavy cream or caramel sauce if you like.
9. This is a light recipe without the tart crust "Simple & Rich Kabocha Pudding" Recipe ID: 1912676.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made some rich pumpkin squash pudding that is delicious by itself, but even more tasty if you pour it into a tart crust.