Yomogi Umegae Mochi

Yomogi Umegae Mochi

Yomogi umegae-mochi are sold only on the 25th of every month in Dazaifu City in Fukuoka Prefecture.
You can make plain umegae-mochi without yomogi powder.

Ingredients: Makes 4-5 cakes

100 g
100 ml
Dried yomogi powder
5 g
Anko (tsubu-an)
100 g


1. Mix the shiratamako and water in a bowl.
2. Soak the dried yomogi powder in boiled water.
3. Divide the anko into 25 g portions. Shape into balls.
4. Drain the soaked yomogi powder through a tea strainer and squeeze out the excess water. Add the yomogi to the mixture from Step 1. Break up any clumps of yomogi with your fingers and combine until even.
5. Divide the dough from Step 4 into 50 g portions. Wrap the portioned anko inside the portioned dough. Shape into flat round cakes. Place them in a heated frying pan. Flip over when the bottom surface becomes translucent and crisp.
6. Fry both sides. Right out of the pan, you can enjoy the crispiness and aromatic flavour. Or, wrap them in cling film and allow to sit for a while to enjoy a moist and soft mochi.
7. Serve with ume-kobu cha (plum kelp tea) as they do in Dazaifu!

Story Behind this Recipe

They are sold in Dazaifu only once a month. I kept missing the opportunity to buy them so I decided to make my own.