Totoro Biscuits with Pancake Mix and Simple Ingredients

Totoro Biscuits with Pancake Mix and Simple Ingredients

Make crunchy, crispy biscuits with pancake mix. I shaped them into cute Totoro cookies.

Ingredients: As many as you like depending on the size

Pancake mix
300 g
80 g
6 tablespoons (65 g)
4 tablespoons
Cocoa powder
10 g


1. Prep: Cube the butter to 1 cm. Preheat the oven to 180℃.
2. In a bowl, combine pancake mix and sugar.
3. Add the 1 cm cubed butter and using a wooden spatula, mix as if cutting the butter.
4. Once the mixture becomes yellow and crumby, it's good. Pour in the milk, and continue cutting the mixture.
5. Once the dough looks like this, knead with your hands.
6. Once the dough clumps into one ball, it's done.
7. Take half of the dough and knead cocoa powder into it.
8. Shape the dough into a teardrop.
9. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin or your hands.
10. Repeat the same procedures with the plain dough, except roll out the dough slightly smaller.
11. Lay the plain dough on top of the cocoa dough.
12. Shape mini mushrooms for Totoro's ears.
13. Stick the ears and make eyes.
14. Stick the designs for his tummy and a nose.
15. Bake for 5-10 minutes in a 180℃ oven.
16. Once the cookies are baked, cool, then remove from the tray. The Totoro cookies are done.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I composed this recipe because I was searching for a cute biscuit recipe easily made with pancake mix.