Potatoes in Tomato Sauce

Potatoes in Tomato Sauce

If you have tomato sauce, you'll be able to whip up this dish in a flash!
The combination of the potatoes and tomato sauce is superb!


Potatoes (medium)
Parmesan cheese (or any kind of cheese)
1 tablespoon
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Tomato sauce (this time, I used my own recipe Recipe ID: 2165439)
3 tablespoons plus


1. Cut the potatoes into bite-sized pieces, soak in water, then drain.
2. Add the olive oil and parmesan cheese to the drained potatoes.
3. On a sheet of parchment paper (I use it to make this dish even easier to make), spread out the potatoes from Step 2 and top with the tomato sauce.
4. Wrap it up and microwave for 5 minutes to finish!
5. For reference, I used this tomato sauce Recipe ID: 2165439

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something simple and delicious using some parchment paper, so I thought up this recipe.