Soufflé Cheesecake

Soufflé Cheesecake

This cheesecake was popular amongst customers at my part-time job. I think this will be perfect for a gift or something, if you make it with a small container like ramekins.

Ingredients: 15 cm cake pan

Egg (medium)
50 g & 30 g
Cream cheese
100 g
Lemon juice
2 teaspoons
Heavy cream
2 tablespoons
Cake flour
2 tablespoons
Corn starch
1 tablespoon
Sponge cake
1 layer of the spongecake sliced into 3 layers (Recipe ID: 2364802)


1. Preparation: Line the side of the cake mold with parchment paper, sticking out a little. Set the sponge cake at the bottom of the mold.
2. Preparation: Heat the oven to 160°C. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the baking pan. I used a square sized baking pan that can fit the 15 cm cake mold since my baking pan is shallow.
3. Preparation: If the cake mold has a removable base, wrap the base around with aluminum foil to prevent the hot water from seeping through.
4. Separate the eggs yolks and whites.
5. In a bowl, soften cream cheese and whisk with 50 g of sugar.
6. If you wrap the cream cheese with plastic wrap and rub it in a little using the warmth of your hand, it'll soften very quickly.
7. Add yolk, heavy cream, and lemon juice into the mayonnaise-like batter from Step 5 and mix well.
8. Add the dry ingredients and mix well.
9. In a different bowl, add egg whites and just a pinch of the 30 g sugar and beat together.
10. Once it starts to stiffen, keep beating by gradually incorporating the rest of the sugar a teaspoon at a time.
11. Rule of thumb: Beat until about the "stiff peaks" stage.
12. Warning: Make sure there is no grease in your bowl or on your whisk when you beat the egg whites. Also, it's possible that the egg whites won't turn foamy if you add a lot of sugar all at once...
13. Fold the meringue from Step 10 into the batter from Step 8, a third at a time. First, put a third of it and blend well with a whisk. It's okay if the foamy texture collapses.
14. After whipping the meringue from Step 10 a bit, fold another third into the batter with a rubber spatula. Make sure to fold in carefully so the foam doesn't pop.
15. Once folded, pour the rest of the meringue from Step 10 and fold in carefully so the foam doesn't pop (just like in Step 14). Please make sure everything is mixed evenly.
16. Pour the batter in the prepared cake mold and then give it a few sharp taps (2-3 times) on the counter.
17. Put it in a preheated oven and bake in a water bath. First, bake at 200°C for 5 minutes. Then, reduce temperature to 160°C and bake for 40 minutes.
18. Stick a skewer through, and it's done if it comes out clean! Take it out from the oven and lightly tap it on the counter to remove excess air.
19. Leave it to cool in the mold by placing it on a cooling rack. Please be careful when you handle it since a freshly-baked one is still very soft.
20. If you'd like, you can brush with apricot jam or nappage, and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

This was the cheesecake served regularly to our regulars. Although the recipe is a little bit different from this one, I have it posted (along with a picture) on my blog back in February 2011. FYI, for meringue and such, see: