Simmered Chestnut Paste

Simmered Chestnut Paste

This is a luxurious paste made with simmered chestnuts Add some milk and cream for the best chestnut paste you've ever tasted Makes great mont blancs too.


Simmered chestnuts
200 g
Simmered chestnut syrup
50 g plus (according to your tastes)


1. Use store-bought chestnuts or refer to Lovely Simmered Chestnuts Recipe ID: 2328375 for instructions.
2. Blend the simmered chestnuts and syrup into a paste in a blender or food processor. That's all you have to do.
3. If you add cream or milk to the paste you can make some delicious chestnut cream too!
4. If you use this nozzle when piping out your mont blanc topping, then you have to strain the chestnut paste beforehand.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came across some bad chestnuts that tasted a bit too hard when simmered... I wanted to eat something nice so I turned them into a paste instead.