Sobameshi - Yakisoba Noodles with Rice with Leftover Vegetables

Sobameshi - Yakisoba Noodles with Rice with Leftover Vegetables

Take care of any leftover vegetables and cold rice with this. If you use yakisoba with store-bought sauce you can make this very easily, and it will be delicious.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Yakisoba noodles
2 packages
Yakisoba sauce (powdered)
2 packages
Cooked rice
300 g (one large bowl's worth)
Green pepper
Chinese chives
1/5 bunch
Wiener sausages
4 sausages
Chinese soup stock
1.5 teaspoons
a small amount
Vegetable oil
as needed
Green onions or scallions
to taste


1. Mince the onion, carrot, green pepper, chives, and wieners.
2. Add some oil to a frying pan and stir-fry the ingredients from Step 1. Once the onions have become transparent and everything has cooked, remove from the frying pan.
3. Roughly mince the yakisoba noodles.
4. Crack open the egg over the rice, and whisk with cooking chopsticks.
5. Add some oil to the frying pan and cook the rice from Step 4 on high heat. Then add the noodles from Step 3 and use a spatula to mix well while stir-frying.
6. Once the noodles have cooked, add the cooked ingredients from Step 2 as well as the yakisoba sauce and the Chinese soup stock. Mix together while shaking the frying pan.
7. Add a little black pepper, transfer to a serving plate, and top with mayonnaise and minced green onions.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought some yakisoba at a special sale at the supermarket, so I used what was left in the refrigerator to make this dinner.