Stewed Vegetables Shaped like Autumn Leaves

Stewed Vegetables Shaped like Autumn Leaves

Simmered root vegetables carved into the shapes of leaves conjure the image of autumn foliage.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Any variety of squash (I used butternut squash)
Sweet potato, small
Green pepper
Dashi stock granules
300 to 400 ml
Usukuchi soy sauce
To taste


1. Cut the sweet potato and squash into bite-sized pieces, then carve into leaf shapes. Transform the carrots into flowers and make small oval-shaped "leaves" from the pepper.
2. Put the vegetables into a silicon steamer (or arrange on a flat platter and wrap in plastic wrap), then microwave briefly until slightly tender.
3. In Step 2, be very careful not to steam the vegetables too tender. The purpose of microwaving is to make them cook faster when simmering, so they should be on the raw side at this stage.
4. Transfer vegetables to a pot, pour the dashi soup lightly over the vegetables, drizzle light soy sauce, then gently simmer so as to not break up the vegetables.
5. Once the vegetables are cooked on the firm side, remove from heat and let them soak up the flavor of the broth.
6. Here it is dressed with a cherry tomato.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this dish since I had a lot of root veggies on hand.