Crab Stick & Mayo Rice Bowl

Crab Stick & Mayo Rice Bowl

You can make this rice bowl very quickly so it makes a speedy breakfast or lunch for one. I finally perfected an easy rice bowl that's great for mayo lovers.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
as desired
Imitation crab sticks
as desired
Iceberg lettuce (optional)
a small amount
as desired
Black pepper
to taste


1. Add the cooked rice to a bowl. If you'd like to, shred some lettuce with your hands and lay it over the top.
2. Break the crab sticks into strips. I recommend referring to "Uzu-chan"'s "How to Quickly Break Up Crabsticks" guide, Recipe ID: 1929401 ♪
3. Add the crabsticks on top of the lettuce and squeeze some mayonnaise over them. Lastly, sprinkle the rice bowl with black pepper before getting it in your tummy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I heard from my friend that all her kid will eat is crab sticks and mayonnaise on rice. I wondered how good that could possibly taste, so I tried making it and now I'm addicted as well.
Season the donburi with some black pepper for a more mature flavour.
I used lettuce in this recipe to add some fibre.