Spicy Wine Spritzer

Spicy Wine Spritzer

This is a fizzy, refreshing cocktail that packs a spicy punch. Don't be put off by how it sounds, give it a try and you'll definitely love it.

Ingredients: 1 glass

1/2 glass
Carbonated water
1/2 glass
Lime or other citrus fruit
1 wedge
1-2 cubes
Japanese pepper (dried)
1 shake


1. This is green Japanese sansho pepper made in Japan. It packs a massive punch! It should be ground before adding to the cocktail. Most large supermarkets should stock it.
2. I buy citrus fruits in bulk when they're on sale and cut and freeze them. They can be defrosted and used any time. I recommend ones that haven't been covered in any anti-mildew agents or chemicals.
3. Feel free to use either red or white wine. It doesn't matter about the cost either. Cheap wine will do just fine. This cocktail goes well with any cuisine, especially ethnic dishes!
4. You'll still get a delicious drink even if you replace the wine with a non-alcoholic beverage. This drink has a strong flavour but it won't overpower the taste of your meal.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to come up with an unsweetened refreshing cocktail.

Green Japanese pepper (ao sansho) is currently a huge trend in Europe. NHK picked this up in one of their programmes and ever since then it's been getting a lot of attention!

Since then I've also been going a bit crazy with sprinklng lots of different things into my drinks.