Steamed Garlic in a Staub Pan

Steamed Garlic in a Staub Pan

I love the taste of piping hot anchovy-flavored garlic.
Please feel free to enjoy this dish with some tasty sake...

Ingredients: One 10 cm pico cocotte round dish

Garlic (peeled)
10 cloves (regular sized)
Sausage (2-2.5 cm circular slices)
Anchovy filet (roughly chopped)
1 filet
Garlic oil or olive oil (Recipe ID: 1117234)
As desired
Rock salt or Krazy salt
1 pinch


1. Prepare the garlic, anchovy, and sausage as indicated in the ingredients list.
2. Brush the whole staub pot with garlic oil. You can also lightly grease it with a paper towel.
3. Add the garlic from step 1 to step 2, and place the sausage on top. Place the anchovy on the very top.
4. Drizzle with 10 ml garlic oil in a circular motion onto step 3 from the top, and cover with a lid.
5. Turn step 4 on over a medium heat. Please set a timer for 3 minutes. A medium heat should be proportionate to the size of the pot.
6. After step 5 has cooked for 5 minutes, turn down the burner to the lowest setting and set the timer for 7 minutes.
7. Once step 6 has cooked for 7 minutes, open the lid and give it a quick stir, and immediately close the lid again. Set the timer again for 5 minutes.
8. Turn it off after step 7 has cooked for 5 minutes. Let sit for 5-10 minutes while covered with the lid.
9. Please adjust the sitting time in step 8 so that the garlic turns out how you like it. 10 minutes will make it soft enough to crush with your tongue.
10. After 5-10 minutes has passed, sprinkle with rock salt or Krazy salt, and it is done.
11. The anchovy-flavored piping hot garlic and sausage collaboration is so delicious, I can't get enough of it.
12. This is a simple treasured dish that I use for gatherings. Please feel free to enjoy it with some tasty sake.

Story Behind this Recipe

I have been drawn by the charm of staub pots since the fall of 2012, so I find the time to experiment over and over again.
I wonder if this is an evolution of the grilled garlic that I always order at yakiniku restaurants. This my favorite dish to pair with sake.