Homemade Miso

Homemade Miso

Make it in a Ziploc bag.

Ingredients: 1 Ziploc bag's worth

Soy beans
500 g
Rice koji
400 g
160 g
Ziploc bag
27 x 28 cm


1. The day before preparing the miso, soak the soy beans overnight.
2. Rinse the soy beans, and boil until tender. Skimming off the scum while boiling, and add more water if the level reduces below the level of the soy beans. Cooking the soy beans in a pressure cooker is easy!
3. Combine the rice koji and salt while the soy beans are boiling.
4. Drain the soy beans once they are cooked. Set aside the boiled liquid.
5. Pulverize the soy beans while they are hot. This is easy if you use a food processor. It's tasty if you leave it lumpy.
6. Once the soy beans are cool to the touch, mix together with the rice koji and salt from Step 3. Adjust the consistency with the boiled liquid to the firmness of your earlobe.
7. Pack the soy beans into the Ziploc bag, completely press out the air, then seal.
8. For an easy method for Steps 1 and 2, see Recipe ID: 2443798! Refer to the steps for soaking the soy beans to reduce the cooking time.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used to use a large container to make miso, but it would grow mold, so I tried it out in Ziploc bags instead.