Simple and Tasty Chestnut Rice

Simple and Tasty Chestnut Rice

It's very simple and yet tasty. The chestnuts are so fluffy. Enjoy the excellent combination of salty and sweet.

Ingredients: 2 rice cooker cups' worth

10 to 12 large
2 rice cooker cups
★Salt (natural)
1 heaping teaspoon
2 teaspoons


1. Soak chestnuts in boiling water for over 30 minutes and peel the outer and inner skins. (I used large chestnuts so I sliced them in half.) Soak immediately in water after they're sliced to remove bitterness.
2. Wash the rice. Add water to the 2 cup mark and set it aside for 20 minutes.
3. Add ★ salt and mirin into the rice from Step 2. Toss, and top with chestnuts. (Press down on the chestnuts lightly so that they don't protude out of the water).
4. Switch it on. Cook how you regularly cook rice. When done, take out some of the chestnuts for arranging… Toss… and it's done!
5. Looks delicious.
6. [In Step 3] What happens when you push the chestnuts into the rice? Well, I personally feel that this makes the chestnuts more yellow and fluffy when cooked.♪ I have no evidence to support my claim, but just give it a try.
7. When peeling the outer shell, chop off the bottom and peel from there, using a knife (pull bottom to up). This is the easiest way to peel.
8. Chestnut Jam [Recipe ID:1635073] Try this if you have lots of chestnuts. It's really tasty.

Story Behind this Recipe

I cook this simple recipe every autumn.
A reminder for myself.