Packed With the Flavors of Iwate! A Not-Deep-Fried Spring Roll Bento

Packed With the Flavors of Iwate! A Not-Deep-Fried Spring Roll Bento

This bento is packed with ingredients that are grown or caught locally in Iwate prefecture. The main item is "not-deep-fried spring rolls with salmon gratin filling". This bento is filled with love!

Ingredients: 1 serving

For the not-deep fried spring rolls with salmon gratin filling
Fall salmon filet
Spring roll wrappers (small)
1/4 bunch
Shimeji mushrooms
a small amount
Butter (for sauteing)
2 g
Vegetable oil
Enough to cover the bottom of the frying pan
Katakuriko slurry (to seal the spring rolls)
as needed
Bechamel (white) sauce (Recipe ID: 2348541)
50 g
Kan-koji (or shio-koji with a little sugar)
1/4 tablespoon (5g)


1. Remove the skin and bones off the salmon and cut into bite sized pieces. Put it into a plastic bag with the kan-koji or shio-koji and sugar. Press the air out of the bag, and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
2. Add the butter for sauteing to a pan, and turn the heat on to medium (IH 3). Add the salmon with the koji to the pan and cook through. Cut the spinach and shimeji mushrooms into bite sized pieces.
3. Add the spinach and mushrooms to the pan and saute quickly. Transfer to a bowl. Wash the pan, add the oil, heat, and turn the heat off.
4. Mix the cooked salmon mixture from Step 3 with the bechamel sauce, and wrap with the spring roll wrappers. Put the spring rolls in the heated oil, and coat with the oil.
5. Preheat the oven to 480F/250C. Line up the oil-covered spring rolls on a rack and bake for 10-15 minutes.
6. Since they are oven-baked, the spring rolls stay crispy even if they sit for a while. Plus you don't have oil spitting all over the place, so cleanup is easy!

Story Behind this Recipe

A bento that lets you enjoy a lot of Iwate produced foods! You'll be amazed at what is grown here! And it's also very good for you too! Bon appetit!