For Halloween Rich and Smooth Kabocha Squash Custard Pudding

For Halloween Rich and Smooth Kabocha Squash Custard Pudding

Kabocha squash custard pudding is my most favourite food. I'm sure you'll love its this richness and smoothness! It takes a lot of work, but I guarantee that it tastes wonderful. This is also perfect for Halloween!

Ingredients: 15 cm round ovenproof dish

Kabocha squash (with rind, but without seeds)
250 g
Eggs (medium or large)
50 g
200 ml
Heavy cream
100 ml
1 tablespoon
Sugar for the caramel sauce
40 g
Water for the caramel sauce
1.5 teaspoons


1. Preheat the oven to 320°F/160°C. Boil water for the water bath.
2. Meanwhile make the caramel sauce. Put 40 g of sugar and 1.5 teaspoons of water in a saucepan and caramelize over medium heat. Shake the pan occasionally as the edges begin to change color.
3. Keep doing so until sauce turns dark brown. Be patient!!
4. Once the liquid is a nice dark brown, remove from the heat. Pour in an oven-safe dish. It doesn’t matter if it doesn't coat the bottom evenly.
5. Cut the kabocha into 3cm cubes with the rind still attached. Place in the silicon steamer or a covered microwave-safe dish and microwave for about 5 minutes.
6. To purée the kabocha, remove the rind by scooping the flesh with a spoon, then press the flesh through a finely meshed strainer with a wooden spatula. It might seem like a bit of a hassle, but this produces a smooth texture.
7. Add the heavy cream to the kabocha purée and mix.
8. Pour the milk in a sauce pan and warm until it's nearly boiling.
9. Crack the eggs into another bowl. Add the sugar and beat with a whisk. Then gently pour the milk from step 8 little by little into the mixture and stir. Also add rum to taste.
10. Pour the egg mixture from step 9 through a strainer into the kabocha purée from step 7 and mix well.
11. Transfer the custard mixture from step 10 into the dish with the caramel sauce. Place this dish in a baking tray filled half-way up with simmering water. Bake in preheated 320°F/160°C oven for about 40 minutes.
12. You can also pour custard mixture through strainer in step 11. It gives greater smoothness. If the kabocha puree blocks the strainer, try stirring with a spoon.
13. Please chill well in the fridge as it will be very soft after baking.

Story Behind this Recipe

I have bought kabocha custard puddings from many shops, but could never find the nice flavour and richness that I was looking for. I created this recipe so I could have my favourite pudding anytime I want at home.