Our Family Recipe For Fresh Spring Rolls and Dipping Sauce

Our Family Recipe For Fresh Spring Rolls and Dipping Sauce

When I added all the fillings that my family loves, this was the result.

Ingredients: 3 to 4 servings

Rice paper
5 sheets
Butterhead or loose leaf lettuce
1/2 head
Shiso leaves
10 leaves
Cellophane noodles
50 g
Peeled shrimp
┌ Salt
1/3 teaspoon
└ Sake
1 tablespoon
● Your favorite sauce:
to taste


1. Wash the peeled shrimp, put into a pan with just enough water to cover plus salt and sake, and boil them quickly. If you are using sashimi-ready boiled shrimp, take the shells off and slice into half lengthwise!
2. Boil the cellophane noodles following the instructions on the package and drain well. If they are long, cut them up.
3. Tender vegetables such are butterhead or looseleaf lettuce are easy to wrap. Baby leaf salad (mesclun) is delicious too.
4. Finely julienne the cucumber. Take the stems off the shiso leaves and wash well. Take the pit out of the avocado, peel and slice about 5-6 mm thick.
5. When all the filling ingredients are prepared, it's time to start rolling. You just need to quickly moisten the rice paper. It will soften quickly with the moisture from the vegetables.
6. Place some lettuce on the near side, shrimp on the other side, and shiso on top. Put some noodles, cucumber and avocado on top of the lettuce and shiso!
7. Roll up from the near side. The fillings will move around, so the key is to hold them in place while wrapping tightly.
8. Slice the rolls into easy to eat pieces. If you're going to eat them with your hands cut them in half. For bite-sized pieces, cut into quarters.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I often make fresh spring rolls instead of salad. When I listened to all the requests of my family, this version was the result. The rice paper is simply moistened in water and used to wrap up the fillings, so it's easy. If you aren't going to slice the rolls, tuck the ends in as you roll them and they're less likely to fall apart.