Hoppe-Chan Bento

Hoppe-Chan Bento

This is a simple bento that can be made with just white rice, ham, and nori seaweed. Try it out if you have a little girl at home!

Ingredients: 1

Hot cooked rice
1 child rice bowl
1 slice
Nori seaweed
One 3 cm square sheet
Your favorite side dishes
As desired


1. Cut the ham into one circle about 3 cm in diameter, cut two about 1 cm in diameter, and cut out one short 5 cm strip.
2. Cut out two 1 cm diameter circles from the nori seaweed.
3. Shape the rice as shown in the photo.
4. Wrap the strip of ham around the round piece of ham while pinching it down to make an indent. Make an indent in the rice, and decorate it with the ribbon. Decorate the left and right sides of the rice with the small circles.
5. Stick the nori seaweed on both sides, cut a grain of cooked rice in half, and stick it on the right and left.
6. Pack in your favorite side dishes.
7. I think this is cute if you vary the ingredients to change the colors and line up a bunch of Hoppe Chans next to each other.

Story Behind this Recipe

I am always making character bento out of various ingredients I have at home, so I made this too. Girls love this Hoppe Chan! Give it a try.