Goldfish Character Onigiri Bento - For My Growing Son

Goldfish Character Onigiri Bento -  For My Growing Son

I made beef and mushrooms pan fried with shio-koji (salt-fermented rice malt) side dish, accompanied with sweet fried egg, brown beans, tomatoes, apples, and cute character rice balls for my child.

Ingredients: Serves 2

Japanese leek
25g (0.88 oz)
Maitake mushrooms
30g (1.05 oz)
Buna-shimeji mushrooms (brown clam shell mushroom)
30g (1.05 oz)
Beef (sliced)
150g (5.29 oz)
1 tablespoon
Cooking sake (refined sake)
1 teaspoon
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
Vegetable oil (for frying)
1 teaspoon


1. Rub shio-koji into the sliced beef.
2. Cut the leeks diagonally, and shred the maitake and buna-shimeji mushrooms so that they are easy to eat.
3. Heat vegetable oil into the frying pan, and saute the beef from step 1. After it has cooked, place it into a separate bowl.
4. Next fry the leek, maitake, and buna-shimeji mushrooms from step 2, and burn off the alcohol.
5. Put the beef from step 3 back into the pan. Finish it up by adding soy sauce evenly over the entire mixture.
6. Now it is finished. Pack in bento after it has sufficiently cooled.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this bento for my energetic, growing son. This is an original Japanese recipe using shio koji and mushrooms from the Tohoku region.