Tender Squid and Green Onions with Vinegar Miso Sauce

Tender Squid and Green Onions with Vinegar Miso Sauce

When squid is tender, it tastes so good. This dish is great with rice, or as a drinking snack. You just can't stop eating it. See (Recipe ID: 2336437) for how to boil squid.


Squid (Surume squid)
Green onions
For the vinegar miso sauce:
1 1/2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Sugar (2 tablespoons only if the miso is not very salty)
3 tablespoons
1 tablespoon


1. For eating this way in vinegar miso sauce, cut the squid into thirds and leave the legs as-is before boiling. See (Recipe ID: 2336437) for boiling instructions.
2. Cut up the par-boiled squid into easy to eat pieces. (If you have elderly people in your family, you may want to cut everthing up into small pieces.)
3. Add a pinch of salt into a pan of boiling water. Cut the green onion into 3-5cm long pieces and cook in the boiling water. (It can be water that's been boiled once and brought back to a boil.)
4. Drain into a colander, and fix the pretty green color by dunking into a bowl of ice water.
5. Squeeze out the green onion tightly and set aside.
6. Make the vinegar miso sauce. I used some country style miso that I had on hand.
7. Mix the sauce ingredients together well. Add the squid and green onion, and mix until well combined.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love cold seafood and vegetables with vinegared miso. I also make it with squid or cured horse mackerel.