Character Bento - Jewel Pet Ruby

Character Bento - Jewel Pet Ruby

My son's favorite character is Ruby. The eyes are a bit of a pain, but these eyes are cute, right?

Ingredients: 1 child serving

Plain cooked rice
1 child rice bowl's worth
1 slice
Beer ham
1 slice
Crab stick (Or a red wiener sausage)
Nori seaweed
to taste
Sliced cheese
as needed


1. Form the face and ears separately by wrapping in plastic wrap. Make sure the ears also have a solid thickness. (Balance-wise, the face is 60 g and each ear is about 20 g.)
2. Add to the bento box with side dishes. Make sure you don't displace the ears with the side dishes.
3. Cut out the ham and cut off any excess.
4. Add three cut-outs to each ear. If you're worried about it falling apart, hold it in place with an uncooked spaghetti noodle.
5. Cut out ovals from the sliced cheese and ham.
6. Peel off the red part of the crab stick and cut out ovals smaller than those from Step 5. If you don't have a smaller oval shape cutter, it's okay to use the same one and shift it for a second cut.
7. (The top picture was made with a peeled red weiner sausage.)
8. Stack the sliced cheese and ham on each other with the cheese slightly showing, then put the crab stick on top and hold together with uncooked spaghetti.
9. For the nose, punch a teardrop shape out of the ham and cut off any excess.
10. For the hair ornament, cut out a cherry blossom shape out of the ham, then a star shape out of the crab stick, and lay it on top.
11. Make the eyebrows and mouth parts with the seaweed.
12. Cut out the sliced cheese using a thin straw and a shaped straw and place the pieces on the eyes. It's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

This was my child's request!