Rainbow Trout (Sushi Counter-Style Appetizer)

Rainbow Trout (Sushi Counter-Style Appetizer)

My imitation of seared rainbow trout that's served at a conveyor belt-style sushi restaurant. These are perfect as a drinking appetizer.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Rainbow trout
300 g
Salt and pepper
To taste
Sliced cheese
1 slice


1. Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces. Season with salt and pepper, then top with cheese.
2. Sear the fish with a torch (I bought my blowtorch for ¥1700). As you see, I did this on a pan without turning the heat on.
3. Don't sear it too much - just brown the cheese well. I chopped one slice of cheese into nine pieces.
4. Voila! I made this seared rainbow trout because it was on sale.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since the seared dishes served at conveyor belt sushi restaurants are so tasty, I made my own homemade version as a drinking appetizer.