Ballet Sushi Ballerina Tutus

Ballet Sushi Ballerina Tutus

These small ballerina sushi are so adorable. They're perfect for parties.

Ingredients: 4 ballerina-shaped sushi

Cooked sushi rice
about 160 g
Sliced cheese
4 slices
Skirt shape mold
This time I used a small sized gyoza dumpling skin maker
For pointe shoe sushi, refer to Recipe ID: 2336192.


1. Divide the sushi rice into 4 portions of 35 g and 4 portions of 5 g.
2. Cut the cheese into a 6 cm diameter circle. With the remaining cheese, cut into a rectangle and make a "V" shaped slit in the middle.
3. Wrap the mold for the skirt with plastic wrap. This time I used a gyoza dumpling skin mold that I bought at the 100 yen store. The diameter is about 5.5 cm, height is about 2 cm.
4. To make the dress Pack 35 g of sushi rice into the mold, and remove from the mold.
5. Place the rice taken out of the mold onto a microwave safe plate. Place the circle shaped cheese on top and microwave for a few seconds until the cheese has softened.
6. With a bamboo skewer, outline the skirt frills.
7. To make the body Shape the 5 g of sushi rice into a small, flattened barrel. Wrap around the sushi rice with the cheese cut into rectangles.
8. Place the body shaped sushi from Step 7 on top of the skirt shaped sushi from Step 6, and the ballerina shaped sushi is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this cute sushi recipe to serve at parties.