Ballet Sushi Pointe Shoes

Ballet Sushi Pointe Shoes

These bite-sized pointe shoe sushi look so cute and are perfect for house parties.

Ingredients: 5 white and 5 pink shoes

Cooked sushi rice
350 g
Sakura denbu
to taste
Sliced cheese
2 slices
Fish sausages
1 sausage
Dried cellophane noodles, etc.
as needed
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1. Use a peeler to cut thin strips of sausage. Each ribbon will require a set of two slices, one about 0.7 x 7 cm and the other 0.8 x 2 cm. Prepare 5 sets.
2. Take the longer strip and form it into a ring.
3. Wrap the shorter strip around the center of the ring prepared in Step 2, and tie the ends together with a piece of cellphone noodle (or whatever you choose to use).
4. Make 5 of the same ribbons from the cheese.
5. Cut out 10 slices from the cheese using an ellipse-shaped cutter.
6. Divide the vinegared rice into two 175 g portions, and mix the sakura denbu into one. Then, divide both the pink and white portions of rice into 5 smaller portions.
7. Take the rice portions from Step 6 and shape them into small, flattened barrels. make slight depression in the centers.
8. Place the cheese ellipses on top of the depressions you formed in Step 5.
9. Secure the ribbons from Step 4 with cellophane noodles (or whatever you choose to use), and you're all done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with a recipe for cute sushi to serve at parties.